Poetry of Mine

A poem I wrote one day, for a friend who sought to stay, locked wihtin the paths of time, and I tried to break her away. May she blossom and let her dreams roam free. May she let her heart soar on the wind. For my heart goes out to you, Lauren, the rose pricked by her own heart, her own thorns. Dream and let your soul come free. You deserve more than to be caught in living barbed wire.

More To This

Haven't you ever wondered?
Haven't you ever tried?
Do you wonder what it really'd be like
If you took the time to look inside?

Do you really know what love is?
Or peace or happiness?
Do you believe in true love,
Or just passing temporary bliss?

Will you dream of something more?
To wonder if there's more in store?
Or if you deserve something better
Than the people who throw you to the floor?

Haven't you dreamed?
Haven't you felt the kiss?
Haven't you wondered if
There could be more to life than this?

Have you lived to love?
Have you ever learned to go far?
That to love is not to fall
It's to fly above the stars?

Have you given up your tears?
Have you thrown away your sorrow?
Have you taken the risk
To live like there's no tomorrow?

Have you asked the questions?
Have you sought for answers?
Or are you cryin' and crawlin
When you could be like the wind's dancers?

Have you soared with eagles?
Have you broken your chains?
Have you learned to understand
That life's better without the pains?

Have you thrown away your former life?
Have you lived like the northern winds?
Have you made your soul light
And thrown away the blinds?

Have you opened up your heart?
Have you let your mind roam free?
Have you rid yourself of tethers
And let your soul really see?

Have you cast your heart to the waves?
And your mind to dreamland wind?
Is it a sin to dream big dreams,
Or have all of us who dream sinned?

Have you dreamed of something better?
Haven't you realized you deserve more?
Could you open up your eyes
And lift your gaze to heaven's store?

Couldn't you start to trust me?
Couldn't you believe I care?
Couldn't you knock down these walls
And lay the bars 'round your heart bare?

Could you open up your eyes?
Could you lend your ear to wind?
Could you start to believe
That those who dream have not sinnned?

Could you dream of something better?
Could you stop these foolish tears?
Could you dream of what you deserve
And lend your voice to one who hears?

~Jenessa, the Daydreamer

For the one who has locked their heart in chains,
And dared not to dream of something more.
You know who you are.
It's time to wake up and live the dreams.

The End

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