The cards are pulled out
And badly dealt to us
"Who shuffled these?"
We make such a fuss

Then the game begins
Our voices nearing shouts
As interceptions increase
We're all acting like louts

Pick Up Two!
Pick up Two again!
Change Colour!
Skip a Go!
For God's sake!
Pick up Four!
Pick up Four!
Pick up Four!

Now you must pick up twelve
Yes, we planned it out
Our expressions when it's us
Makes us laugh throughout

The bell's about to ring
Quickly one more round to play
We've just picked up our cards
Just to throw them all away!

For Temglin, Bluejay, Almach, Nightshadedark, NeverLettinGo, B.P., A.Z., Z.C., R.K. and everyone else who plays with us; though not on such a regular basis. You guys really make my day and put a huge grin on my face! Thank you for being so awesome and as good a friends as I could ever hope for!

Until lunchtime, then ;-)

The End

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