Poetry Not Contained in 20 Lines

I tried to find a poem of mine that had just twenty lines... AND I COULD NOT!!! I wrote this after searching for hours for a twenty line poem (as per the requirements) to enter a poetry contest.

1. I tried to find

2. A poem of mine

3. That had just twenty lines,

4. And I could not.

5. Because of your fool,

6. Unnecessary rule,

7. I even tried to write one too,

8. But became quite overwrought.

9. I cannot tell my story

10. Quite so shortly.

11. My words must flow free,

12. And you have taken that away.

13. You have put me in a box.

14. You have deprived me length of thought,

15. And made poetry something it is not.

16. What else can I say?

17. And so here I must sit,

18. Knowing something is amiss.

19. How can I write like this?

20. See what you have done?

21. Ha! You almost thought you won.


The End

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