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Say let’s play a game.

I’ll take my chances

And bet on this.


One step under the water,

Who would have thought

You’d be dragging me down.


A lonely night at a casino bar,

Laughing at our choices

And the failures they brought.

What a funny story

That made us together that day.


Getting drunk off of self-pity,

Dancing with fading feelings

While taking foolish leaps.

So that was that,

And the risk gave no reward.


Now let’s change the stakes,

Put everything out there

And bet on this.


Two steps under the water,

One step too far now,

And you dragged me down.


Taking you down to the ball,

Running around the place.

I loved the smile on your face.

Such was the time,

Sadly it was not to be mine.


Looking into a gaze that promised

This game would go on.

Might as well give it a try.

And outside my eye,

You got away from me.


My wallet was gone by midnight,

Sanity depleted by morning.

Where did my belongings go?


Later I heard a door slamming,

Opportunity locking itself away.

Where did my belongings go?


Too high on disguised affection,

Easily led in the wrong direction,

My money was gone,

My clothes were gone,

My home was gone,

Heart was gone,

I felt like I was all gone.


Naked and alone,

I turned to you.


Say let’s play a game.

I’ve heard it’s fun.

I want to be with you.


Three steps under the water

And I’m drowning as you take me


Enraged I fled to your neighborhood

With your memories on display,

Hosting a bonfire of all that we meant.

Why don’t you just jump in?


Voices screamed to slay the beast,

Abiding by the fire and letting go,

Tossing friendship into the flames.

Why don’t you jump in?


I took your purse,

Hit you below the knees,

Cut you in half,

And danced on the ashes.


Marching back to where it began,

Crying about our choices

And the failures we made.

The silence killed me.

How far we had fallen.


No goodbyes left or promises,

There was nothing won

On this failure we gambled.

Let’s end this game.

I declare a tie.


I gave you my heart

And you tore it up,

My trust was offered

And you promptly destroyed it.

All you made was a heap of waste

And put it over my head.


You gave me your heart

And I tried to deny it,

That trust you built

Was something I couldn’t stand.

All I did was construct walls

And block you from me.


Maybe two years wasn’t enough,

Maybe we should’ve waited one more,

Maybe I shouldn’t have done anything at all.


Well by the end we all cheated and lied,

We broke and we stole and we ran with our prizes,

We kissed and we loved and lost it on selfishness.


I’ll regret it all tonight,

I’ll regret it all tonight.

And I’ll regret it everything


The End

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