When Darkness Loved the LightMature

Every new day that comes

Brings forth nothing but sorrow.

All these storms

Bring their dark thoughts,

And cease to leave.


And as the sun dawns,

All these days, I will soon forget.

The times I loved

And promised to cherish,

Fall into ashes.


Perfection is a word alien to me,

But I hope you know

 I’ll try to reach it for you.

And all these demons clouding my judgment

Will soon be gone

If you can take my hand.


If everything was simple, I’d be okay.

Such is life, and I’m feeling empty.

After being left so far behind,

It’s a marathon just to catch up.


It’s the monster inside my head.

He tells me how easy it is to die.

Stay by me

And he’ll go away.


As the moon claims the sky,

I sit and wonder how it could be

Such a lonely figure

Can stand tall

Each new night.


Awakening to whatever may come

Is made easier knowing that

When I arrive

Your face will be

Smiling at me.


If success was easy all would be still.

Yet times are tough,

And the past broke my bones.

This deep depression wasn’t built from nothing

But I hope it can be

Destroyed with something.


The endless cycle of sadness deems

That I must always discover reasons to die.

Somehow I know that you

Can make the confusion end.


They’re the monsters inside my head.

They tell me about taking my life.

If you stay by me

We’ll fight them together.


It won’t happen today,

It won’t end tomorrow.

The past is the past,

And it has taken its toll.

Each hour behind,

Tries to drag me down.

Whatever step I take

Is always incorrect.


But with you I follow right directions.

My heart beat begins to race.

This must be unreal.

In this realm I have felt so rejected,

Yet I remain in your arms,

And I am at home.


I know that I can fall for you,

And I feel as though I already have.

And though those demons persist,

They will crumble before us.


These are the monsters inside my heart.

They tell me how I will never survive.

If you take their place

I will live another day.


I chased the past in circles,

Hoping to catch it.

Now that you are here,

I no longer have to go back.


I wanted the past in my life,

Throwing away my time.

Now that you are here,

I have fallen for you.

The End

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