Haven UnknownMature

The young girl

Stood in the eye of the storm

Beyond the sight

Of the overseers, swamped with fright.


Disappearing light,

Into the cold black world,

Where no soul

Has courage enough to breathe.


She knew that

To venture means no escape.

No return will

Be granted to her frail conscience.


As she bled

To run from the thunder,

Her actions tore

The fragile house asunder.


Under every sun

Is an untouched dark domain.

No mercy be blessed

Upon those hiding in the shade.


A shattered soul,

Unloving and uncaring for those around her.

One demented mind,

Fed by the beasts that swarm around her.


Her hands sweat,

And she trembles in uncertainty’s face,

The features that

All living remain fearful of.


A normal mortal

Would quake as the hand reaches out,

Driven by the thoughts

That beckon her into the cold.


The lightning

Soothes her worried heart.

In an instant,

The storm took her home.


The pounding rain

Kisses the cold, decaying skin.

The storm refuses

To display any act of cowardice or pity.


Under every sun

Lies a corner of darkness.

No haven

To be found on the inside.


A shattered soul,

Who had given up hope to see the daylight.

One demented mind,

Laid waste by the rampaging torment.


Second thoughts

Bid reversal.

But it’s too late,

You’ve descended.

Your eyes

Want to open

But they

Remain closed.


This is you end.

No more time.

This is your end.

No more time.


The storm

Has swept

Through this land.

Now it departs,

Its work is done.


Dusting his

Shaking hands,

His old age

Brings him remorse.

But he is finished.


The shadows

Wait for

The next entity

To enter their palace.

They practice patience.


All those


Remain in confusion,

Chocking in its hold.

They know nothing.


The old woman,

Stands by the riverside.

Looking into the water

To see an expression torn by torture.


No change can

Make remedy to her mistake.

As the boat nears,

She makes the choice to cross.


No hair rests

On her head, disfigured by pain.

Nothing but a shell,

A skeleton with stories to tell.


Hung in a closet,

To emerge when darkness strikes.

A mad woman,

With not a sense of sanity left.


In a world

Of shady corners and sunlight,

They massacre those

That seek their comfort.


The clock has stopped.

No more time.

The clock has stopped.

No more time.


Ascend into the fabled light,

To find the shaded corner.

Corpses continue to appear,

The living lack courage to breathe.


Humanity’s great search

Ends inside of shadows.

The saddened souls of the dead

Cannot discover any peace.


A padded room, a cell,

But it’s made into an illusion

Of fictional solace.

We all should know,

It doesn’t exist.


Your time should not have ended,

You ended it yourself.

Our time here is precious,

But you have no more.

The End

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