Let Gravity WorkMature

I know it can be confusing,

Why we keep falling.

And everyone else sits tight.

No one blinks an eye.


I know it’s frustrating,

Why the world is dissolving.

Please stay by my side,

And we’ll defy gravity.


If you would stay here,

We’d rewrite the rules,

Show the world that it can

Stop from falling.

If you would stay here,

Everything would be so perfect.

Flying free.


I know it’s complicated,

Why plans always fail.

The best laid schemes

Are laid to rest.


I know you want to go,

Everyone needs to run away.

But every step you take

Leads you further from me.


I’m left all alone now,

Here by myself.

I watch lifeless bodies

Suspended in time.


They’ll never know love,

But neither will I.

I fall from the sky

As the figures stare.

They never move.


I know it can be difficult

To grasp reality,

But you let it get to you.

I hope you’re better off.


I know it’s hard for me

To be alone again.

I look to the stars.

Are you still there?


Won’t you descend

Down to me,

And we’ll defy gravity.

The End

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