He walks in a suit with purpose.

Riding up to the podium so harmless.

Under the torn skin, regardless.

The man is a cold-blooded killer.


An animal among civilized men.

He speaks trash yet we listen.

To these men whom we commission.

I wish the worst on them.


Upon promise by broken promise.

When will we realize their true face?

Their decisions threaten the human race.

If you write them down, you’re just as bad.


I call for a day when we sit back and watch.

Let’s do nothing and see how they do.

Maybe they’ll look to people like me and you.

And wondering what’s going on, get desperate.


When they’re sweating, they’re hopeless.

We can break them down, make the right path.

Or we’ll be helpless to feel their wrath.

The poison is within them, we must rebel.


Down with the politicians!

The End

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