King Of The SeasMature

Stormin’ it was in the dead of the night.

We all held on f’ore what was right.

It shook, it trembl’d, split in the middle.

Still our ol’ King of the Seas set sail.


Through the doom and the thousand suns.

Runnin’ on board and firin’ the guns.

Let ‘em all stare down on our glory.

As our ol’ King of the Seas sets sail.


He took shots to the bow, splintered down.

Not once did a crew member put on a frown.

F’ore we all knew that even in great terror.

Our ol’ King of the Seas will set sail.


The mast is set up and over our heads.

Underneath it in the belly lay our beds.

We nev’r leave our home on the waves.

Tis it is where we all belong and treasure.


With me rum and me sword in me hand.

I run up on deck and start up the band.

We play proudly and loudly through the night.

Off goes our ol’ King of the Seas to sail.


To the ship there was an equal to compete.

There was not a foe we couldn’t beat.

So as we wander’d far and wide across the waters.

The ol’ King of the Seas sailed tall and proud.


The armada was scared, they came to kill

We were sweatin’ as we lost all the will.

There were too many of them, and only us.

But our ol’ King of the Seas couldn’t go down easy.


One day it was attacked and sunk in the water.

We all stood in shock, but then we looked yonder.

Alas! It rose, down from the depths.

Our ol’ King of the Seas will never be stopped.


Come see it now, in all it’s might at the port.

Some days we sail it, as it still is our fort.

Not just that, but our very best friend.

Our ol’ King of the Seas, still great as can be.

The End

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