Black Jack BloomMature

Sometime ago

In the land of Idaho.

A kid was named Black Jack Bloom.


He had the guns.

Went out on runs.

Friends always called him Black Jack Bloom.


As his name would say.

He’d tell you anyway.

Jack couldn’t lose at the table.


His parents saw his luck.

Knew it wasn’t a duck.

To the casino went Black Jack Bloom.


Dad said it was for the cash.

Gee Dad, that’s really rash.

But Jack didn’t say nothing more.


Rolling the game went.

Soon Jack was spent.

The money’s gone all away.


Mom said it was not alright.

Dad said it showed the light.

Out the front door went Jack Bloom.


He enrolled in a new school.

Thought it was cool.

Settled down and got a girl.


Luck didn’t buy love.

She flew like a dove.

Didn’t say goodbye to Jack Bloom.


He still had the Black Jack.

Brought his hand down smack.

Said he’d go and win her attention.


She still loved him so.

Bucky Jon was just on the go.

He stole her heart from Black Jack Bloom.


Jack didn’t like to trifle.

But he brought out his rifle.

Got Bucky Jon down on the street.


Said Bucky come duel me now.

Let the loser fall and bow.

He coked his gun back and pulled the trigger.


Bucky was no wimp.

Jack was limp.

Luck didn’t fare for Black Jack Bloom.


At the hospital he found.

The doctor got him wound.

It wasn’t gonna stop Black Jack Bloom.


Jack moved on again.

Went to a small den.

Got a job in the casino.


Black Jack got good.

Didn’t need no wood.

Money could buy what he wanted.


Another girl came along.

Singing a sweet song.

Sat down at Black Jack’s table.


Said she’d bet him his life.

Jack smiled like a knife.

He put the money down on the surface.


Jack started the game.

In a second he lost his fame.

The girl smiled kindly and took his money.


With a kiss on the cheek.

Making Jack look weak.

Said thank you Jack for all the money.


He couldn’t pay for the house.

Not even a blouse.

Even lost his job at the casino.


Down on his last legs.

Jack went on the street and begs.

Please send your love to Jack Bloom.


Homeless he was.

He did what one does.

When all your hope has gone down the drain.


He found a jail.

Asked for no bail.

Said take in poor Black Jack Bloom.


When asked what he did wrong.

He said his life didn’t go along.

Officer I did bad, put me away.


As the years passed by.

Black Jack Bloom lost an eye.

Including the will to keep living.


He grew gray in the cell.

One day he rang the bell.

Brought out a large white flag.


He screamed this was enough.

Black Jack Bloom wasn’t tough.

Said no man of sense can keep living this way.


Ran up to the roof.

With a step he went poof.

Fell face-down on the ground.


Black Jack Bloom had his story.

Got all his glory.

Just a second it was all gone.


Sorry Black Jack Bloom.

For you there’s no tomb.

I guess luck doesn’t go that far.


Let’s all remember him.

Even when his life was dim.

Let’s all learn from Black Jack Bloom.


Good old Black Jack Bloom.

The End

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