ghost soldier, soldier ghost



night is clear, and

                                day is gone

they are here,

                                one million strong.


prepare me

                              for silent war

same bloody heart

                              same worn jar

break continuity

                               at  counts of three.

tie the noose

                                on top of me.

stay close, then

                               and pray please stay

my life's torn

                                when you're away


vultures come

                              circling  sky

a joyless cry

                               why oh why

seasons passed,

                               and questioned some

years are gone,

                              thy kingdom come

day and night

                              life after life

i witness my ghosts

                               i witness their strife

i say nothing,

                               i dont go away

i dont have a choice,

                              so i always stay.

wrinkles on hand

                               battled claw

hammered lungs

                               old blunt saw

morn,  i face the sun

                               and i walk my way

tired, i push the needle

                               and i sleep in the hay


and this luckless song

                             wearies on

and this tireless want

                             carries on

and then i lose track

                             of where I'm aiming

and stolen half past flag

                             it keeps on claiming.





The End

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