step 1 is refusal. 

 the man walks around in the coldest of winter. he refuses all.  


'Nothing', he says to everyone.

'No one', he says to everything.


step 2 is getting a new big brother .


The paranoia sets in, and crowded people


run in slow motion, pulling their hair apart,


as if they are not going to worry about


their skin later. It's a grand occasion, the burning,


the giving of the witches. A parallel prophecy


plays inside my head, it finds you even if


you aren't real. Even if you haven't really been made,


it tags along and creates a real you based on the unreal me.



step 3 is the pain of rejection.


The you and me game is getting more prolonged, jaws are beginning


to hurt.


The line gets longer, the mood thickens, everyone is hungry.


Why do this? Maybe because it's legal. The business grows.


Everyone is happy. Everyone is strong.



step 4 is refusal, again. 

the man walks around, sun-heated in summer. he refuses all.

'Everything', he says to no one.


'Everyone', he says to nothing.



The End

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