give or take

disenchanted display plays on a local TV Hall.

                              It's evening, the sun bakes orange loops through

dusty shadows, give or take, the world is rising.

                             give or take. I don't watch you silently leaving, but

I hear you. I don't move at all, the heart sinks, 

grainy lungs are wasted. A disease-filled life,

Witnessed strife, but didn't care.


Lived with you, he says, give or take. Lived with you

was all I did, and I did it with tiring hands 

                    but with a smile at the end of the day because it was 

all for you. Woke up to move you, to be moved by you. 


To look at a world with hushed eyes, such a sad world,

people dying and cursing and talking and talking but

with no solutions at all. No solutions at all, and 

we walk on a trajectory somewhere, that leads from here to there

but never really goes anywhere.


Dry plastic bottles, a 

tumbled rush of wind grazes, it's becoming colder.


Old people walking become darker, children become

silhouettes, straying paper marionettes, rustling 

in the broken wind. The silence is nothing to me,

but I sink when you go.

I sink when you go.


The broken wind keeps calling, 

forever and ever it goes, calling, even if there's no one

left to answer. Forever and ever the wind blows, calls in

blurred images of rust, it's such a silent, slow evening,

I wait and nothing happens, and I get used to the parallel

layers of dust gathering around me, and they will

dig me out of a dog-forgotten storm a hundred years later, and 

I will still be here. 


So painfully the evening goes,

            paying parts to the smaller details, paying attention

But it never does anything really, nothing happens.

          Give or take.

The End

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