the old  

         moon told a lie

                to the back of

                     my head while I

                         slept. my dream heard

                                the tail end of this false

                                    story and it was so angry

                                       that it smashed a window

                                         in my sleep. the window

                                           shattered into fragments

                                              so I heated them up and

                                                poured the glass into moulds

                                                 shaped like slivers of moon

                                                 and I sold them to the kings

                                                  of a thousand countries for

                                                  more silver thancouldmake

                                                  a life of wealth. so I melted

                                                  the silver down and I

                                                 poured it into moulds

                                                shaped like the full

                                               moon. and then the

                                             moon became so

                                          jealous of the silver

        moons that he came

                                    and apologized to

                                me for his lie.

                            so we shook

                      on the matter

               and now we

   are friends.

The End

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