4 Short Poems About Poems

Alright, so here are four separate poems I wrote about poems or about writing poems.  I've put them here in a series of four.  (One of the assignments in my class is to write a series of 7 poems... I may expand this series for it... then again, I might not.)  Enjoy!




I went out one rainy night in spring

To search for the perfect poem in the city lights.

I found only a soggy sweatshirt,

Black blotches on my blue jeans,

Very wet socks and water on

My eyeballs—those windows to my soul.




are children

sitting under

the sun

sorting stones

into piles

by colour

and shape.



Writing Poems

I don’t write poems very often.

Despite this lamentable fact

They occasionally write me.

On those days, I don’t open

The envelopes holding bills

But let them accumulate

On my desk like piles of leaves.

You wouldn’t believe

The things the poems write me.

So I won’t tell you.

Not here, not now.



I, Poet

I walk the trail of nothing

With my fingers in the soup

Twisting delicate candy wrappers

Into patterns of edible story.

The End

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