Spring Ringing in My Ears

Walking home late at night
Music blaring into my head
The dark is welcome, not a fright
I am content, no sign of dread

I'm in a park, I suddenly see
A wide clearing, a grassy field
The open sky, it beckons me
My eyes upward, their lids peeled

The stars and I stare for awhile
As though we're truly co-aware
Ignoring each and every mile
That separates me, here, and them, there

I don't feel small, as most would say
I feel happy I'm important to some
It makes me happy to have each day
For it means the end is yet to come

My music halts, I've turned it off
I hear the night live and breathe
A cricket's chirp, a neighbour's cough
A soft blanket of sound they weave

I smile at the cloudless sky
Glad for tonight's starry diet
I leave again, my spirits high
And finish my walk, happily quiet

The End

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