I hope you don't mind, I wrote a poem today from a prompt, just as an exercise thing and thought it was rather good, so it deserved to go on Protagonize hehe :P

I just totally made up the structure; I admire you Fogcat, for sticking to things like sonnets and the like! So seeing as I thiiink this is where I can tack on my little contribution, here goes!

Prompt: Delivery
(credit goes to for prompt idea)

Flap, a letter falls to the floor
Knock, a package at the door
A heart leap, a heart peaks
A heart sinks, a heart torn

Pick up, it's not my name
Drop back, a false hope drains
An eye tears, and I walk away
An eye sears, and I hope 'another day'

No word, months have passed
No point, I'm in the past
A mind blasts, a mine field
A mind closes, a mind sealed

It's over
It's done
It's not like I knew
This wouldn't happen

I wanted to be blind
I could see right through
I knew he was just too good
To be true,

To me.

The End

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