little girl

sits at mommy’s vanity

tears tickle her eyes

and her feet don’t reach

she smells mommy’s favourite perfume

and looks about the empty room

she can hear mommy laughing

it is distant, almost as if she were listening

from inside the closet


she opens the jewelry box

and watches the little ballerina spin

and hums to the tune of a song

whose name she can’t name

she drapes mommy’s locket

around her own little neck

and mommy looks back

in the mirror


she slides open the drawer

the one on the top

and sees a fold of cream paper

with a name that she knows

it is her own name

and beneath it more letters

and the names of her sister and brother


footsteps approach down the hall

she closes the drawer

she darts to the door

nearly tripping on a fold of carpet

her little heart pounds

she slips through and is free

and daddy doesn’t see


she cries every night for forever

and all that she wants

is just once

to read the letter

but she never sees it again

so she waits

till the day mommy will sing

those words over her

in heaven

The End

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