To Beat the Rain

I saw the signs,
I knew the risk,
But I wanted to go anyway.
I shouldered my load, fixed my hat,
And started down the hill.
The cold bit at me,
But it wouldn't stop me.
I just wanted to beat the rain.

My feet fell into rhythm
A brisk drummer urging them on down the hill.
Thoughts buzzed around my head but one prevailed:
I needed to beat the rain.

My legs began to whine,
"Slow down," "take a moment,"
"We need to rest."
A slice of pain pinched with each step.
I wanted to stop,
But I kept on
In the end, it'd be worth it
To beat the rain.

I must've fallen into sync with the world,
It must've felt my urgency.
Town was quiet, almost devoid of life
I didn't even have to break stride at the first corner.
But there were two more corners to be crossed.
I kept walking, my thighs beginning to complain.

Then, the wind began to taunt me,
Coming at me faster,
Trying to slow me down.
"You'll not make it," it sneers, tossing a few drops in m y face.
No, I think, bowing my head, disguising my face.
The drops mustn't see me.
They mustn't think they've won.

It's often fruitless to try,
But I must.
A well-placed line of mice and men comes to mind,
But I must keep moving
So I can beat the rain.

I realize I'm on the home stretch,
and it has yet to prevail.
But how long a few hundred feet can be!
The hollow rush rattles the barren trees,
Behind me, beside me, yet not touching me.
"You still have a ways to go," it reminds me,
Threatening me with a few more drops.
I glance around me in suspicion,
But I reach the back door with satisfaction.

We may be Fate's playthings,
But for now, I feel triumphant.
I did what I needed to do
So I could beat the rain.

The End

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