Poetry for Spring 2009

Here is an excellent collection of poems written by various protagonizers. The poems I contributed were written for my poetry class at college. This 'story' is now CLOSED. Thank you.




The cynic part of me is too dry

to buy into the liquid beauty of poetry.

Words on a page

read and then forgot

don’t change things.


Then I look at a line

the angle of light on a windowsill

a dusting of graffiti

the cadence of words

and something inside jumps.

Funny, huh?

Odd, if you will.


My soul shakes off the cynic

just for a moment.

A long, fragile moment.


I want more of those moments.

No one said we can’t change.

Pull away the soft paper

from its hard backing.

Leave the ugly yellow glue there.

I don’t care.

It will dry up

and eventually

a fingernail, dirty with living soil

will scratch it away.

And the cynic will be forgot.


---January 19, 2009---

The End

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