Poetry emulating W.H. News Style

Preface: Wrote this after having met W.H. News and reading his 'Stone | Rain' Poetry book.

Power was out for six hours, with few other prospects of entertaining myself I tried to emulate W.H. News style of writing poetry.

Anyways got bored of that, then I saw an article about this site in an old Newspaper. I thought it was a neat idea and decided to post this here.


The power of the room rests un-flowing

Still, objects of the room stay un-moving

symbols of haphazard change

Hats, hung half-askew readied to doff, don walls

Piles of paper litter the floor, forgotten

formulas as written, part unmemorized

Outside, the rain patter brush against the wall

              flows, becoming less than hush

Books play mountains to chanced dust motes

There lie no newspapers, stacked away


blue boxed, to be recycled, retold

fleeting, forgotten once again


The End

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