The Promised Land

What have we done to the Promised Land?

A land where people will take the Perilous Trails to Arrive

People being pushed from a land of Persicution

Being Pulled Into what was a land of Freedom

What have we done, with the Promised Land?

A land that people thought was a Utopia

Where people risked their lives to get to

And now would do the same thing to get back

Because they have entered a Distopia

What is it we have done with the Promised Land?

People leaving the place where lifed was risked daily

To a place where doing homework would lead to complaining

Though education is hard to find in other places of the world

People left persicution for equality

And have entered the place where they are missing that one thing

Because if your skin color isn't white like snow

The Blacks and Asians have to go

What have we DONE to the Promised Land?!?

But someday, not near tommorow

I see an end to the horrible sorrow

Because we didn't have to cross a mountain

To see the Promised Land!

And America WILL BE The Promised Land, yes it Will, Once Again.

The End

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