Poetry Competition: :::)

This is a Poetry Competition, where any member of protagonize can post a poem or poems to compete. Your average rating is what wins you the prize. This competition officially ends on June 17th, so post soon!(Please feel free to add as many poems as you like)


1) You may NOT sabatoge other peoples chances of winning and their actual average rating by downrating people so your poems will win. If I see that, I will note it and you will be in the second tier when the competition is scored on June 17th.

2)If you have already written a poem that is already on Protagonize, and you want to compete with that poem, not all your poems but that specific one will also be in the second tier when the competition is scored.

3)Plagarism is completely unnaceptable. If your poem looks similar, but you aren't neccesarily copying, you still will be put down for plagarizing. You can make another poem on the same topic, but if they look to close alike, you will be put on the Second Tier

4)For all ratings given that are lower than or equal to a 3.5, you must write a comment explaining why you gave it that. If not, it will be seen as a violation of rule no.-1, and you will be automatically put in the second tier.

Second Tier- A Second Tier means no matter what your average rating is, if you get put in the Second Tier, all the people that were not put in the second tier will be placed before you. As an illustration, if somebody with an average of a 4.5 has violated one of the rules, and three people with ratings of 3.7, 4.13, and 3.56 have not violated the rules, those three would automatically be put ahead of the person with a 4.5 average.

The End

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