Someone said I was a freak today;

I waited for the pain but it never came; it never rained down on my 

Upturned face, staring into the heavens, the healing light spilling across

My skin, my scars, my thoughts, my words; my life cupped in my own two hands;

my bitten nails; my fate-lined palms. 


She had hair that was blond but not really, but today I did not 

Curse her chemical beauty, I did not wish her alight with the fire in my heart;

Her diseased spirit is her stake, and one day the flames will come; my indifference is 



Her lips were pursed and pouted, she was bitter, she was choking on 

Irrational disgust, pointless indignation, but I am free of such draining chains;

She is a prisoner, she's my prisoner, I hold her in one hand; I am the trigger, 

I'm the trigger, I'm the animal and I'm the germ that will disease them; 

Let them fall in hell 'cause now I'm free. 

The End

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