Heaven on MedicationMature

All I ever wanted, all I ever needed; like that Depeche Mode song, 

The civilizations in my mind begin to smear onto the borders of a 

Land where rain can cleanse them of their humanoid filth; a lonely 

Planet where the halos of the stars will scar the mirror in diamond 



Your lips are white; your eyes are blacker than hazel; let's 

Fall into this genderless heaven and be moon-coloured broken 

Ribs that don't really matter in the grand scheme of things; we 

Are made of stardust. 


The shining streams of tears, they are the currency we'll pay for 

Heaven's eternal suffocation; my metaphorical 

Bucket of pig-blood has fallen; bitter and metallic, these are my 

Medication-nightmares; chemistry is broken inwardly. 


Hell is my mental hospital and this world is my prison. 

The End

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