All the people stare, I am an animal in a cage, numb and dumb and

Waiting for societal slaughter, the Queen Bitch wrings my neck,

And the Bastard breaks my bones; my claws, they have been cut and now I'm

Deformed and defenceless.


Locked inside my mind, at least I'm safe in a world where words are

Sharp and dripping with venom, writhing like snakes in a sea of aggression,

Angry and anarchic; outside I'm grudging obedience, but within I am wild and



I simply hate in equal measures, nobody's too good to be spared, I

Lock another lead-coated word into the chamber of my heart,

 and watch the recoil trail its destruction, my tongue is the

 Trigger, I'll shoot you for every petty insult; I will torture you

With words.


The End

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