Space and other ThoughtsMature

Old silver scars and glistening webs, poison sparkling on your skin,

I'll make you drown in toxic sin; I'll watch the weirdo worshippers burn

My code into their worn-out flesh and hollow bones, their tired blood,

Crimson splashes blinding, blurring starry eyes.


A song of sickening pleasures, kiss the barrel of the gun and

Prove your faith, justify your hate, send yourself to heaven.


My eyes bleed empty blood that never shivered in the presence of

Superior beings, godly awe, I'm a hollow queen of manic galaxies and

Eyes like lost universes, ice and acid trips that never ended.


Lonely planets full of stargazing bright-light addicts with

Heroin lips and marble bodies, buried in the fluorescent glow of

Cinema screens; just staring into space, burning with solar passion and

Pieces of the puzzle that drifted into a zone of dead-space, a safe place to

Exist without pain.


The End

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