For a Girl - Part 2Mature

Sometimes I wish you would stare at me with those eyes like

Broken glass, cutting into me and severing my sold-out soul,

I'm in too deep to do this, I am swimming against a tide of

Mascara stains, melting eyes; I'm punching above my weight into

Walls yet to be worn down by your tidal force, your elemental beauty.


Discard me in the skeletal wastelands formed of fucked-up fantasies,

The erotic curve of your lips destroy me every time they part in

Casual conversation; tear me up without even knowing it, you are an

Accidental Edward Scissorhands, and every delicate word or touch is



An oozing splatter of truth stains the mirror,

I hate myself for wanting you, my heart feels so deformed and

Genderless, caught in a mess of societal minefields, new ways to

Label myself, new desperation choking me and you walk off,





The End

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