Galaxies of Barbed Wire and Glitter-EyeshadowMature

Minutes tick by in a blur of sound and vision,

I drag myself through tunnels of hazy dreams

That I half-remember, my mind is a hornet's nest,

Just fizzing and spitting with hostility.


They hollowed out her eyes and gave her

Barbie dolls for brain-cells; wrapped her up in

Body-bags and painted her in plastic, sent her mind to

Barbed-wire Disney-worlds.


I cannot recall what my intention here is, but I think I

Want to cut deeper, slice into the heart of my emptiness,

Splatter the world with blood and glitter eye-shadow,

Sparkling galaxies of plastic monstrosities, dolly deformities,

Time to kiss it goodbye with silicone lips (and disproportioned hips)

And drift into the horrors of obscurity.



The End

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