Glamour of the GraveMature

Hollow bones and broken wings, angels descending into the

Empty chasm oozing all of my failings, crimson wells up and

Spills into my eyes, toxic tears and graveyard glamour, I'm a

Tangle of lipstick and decay.


Brittle nails digging at scars; dead stars burning out in the

Vapid blankness of your eyes; gloss on another coat of

Shining emptiness, perfect your masks and crawl away like

Mannequins fleeing molestations of human vanity.


It was all in vain, it was all cut from the veins, it all flowed out

Like numbing rains; you're paying for a label and your ticket

Into heaven, Chanel purgatory and hot-pink stains on

 Vampire necks, a million coats of concealer can't save a

Heart full of sugar-coated rot.



The End

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