Splintered NotesMature

Broken fingernails, as brittle as bone, I am knotted as

Taut as a steel guitar string, my heart is acoustic,

You tear out hard and angry chords; shrieking and raw,

My mind is full of splinters.


I have reached my nirvana, my euphoria, it has come and

Gone, and now it's all decay; I have found the cure,

But now it is venom; bury me in lyrics-sheets and

close the doors; that worthless cure was a



A pulsing in my blood, repenting for a waste of

Skin and genetics, pointless organic mass, deformed

In dying daydreams; homogeneous homicide, physiological

Fuck-up; scar your melody into my bones and I will cleanse

Myself with graceless sin.

The End

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