War MachinesMature

Genetic masses and black holes; my purpose is pinned to my genderless

Body; a mortuary tag tied around my toe.

I am not your Barbie, I am not your toy, I'm not a goddam "lady."

Grawlixes and asterisks; my lipstick is black with a galaxy of



I will blur into androgyny just to avoid your sick society of

"Slut"-shaming, victim-blaming, patriarchal war-machines;

I want to execute the anti-choicers with their own precious guns and

Let religion save them if it wants, but your god won't lift his head to stop a

Mortal war.


You fuel all of your conflicts with more gun-toting sacrificial cattle;

Wars full of humans that don't matter 'cause they're born.

The bible is a rapist's creed; blind sheep chant their prayers; I pray

To humans for release from all this madness and I won't be safe until your

God is dead.


The End

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