❄Once Upon a Christmastime❄





A Christmastime


I built

A Time Machine

I traveled back

Not to 1985

But only

To you


I traveled back

Back to the Future

Back to present day

I clapped my hands

Gathered my friends
And whispered



Into the night

The story

Of you

And I….




A Christmastime.

When I was she and she was I

I had my eye

Trained on that boy -

No not like that

Shut up.


The more I stared

The more I felt

My heart go



Long story short

We got together

And then

We fell



I realized then

There and then

There was nothing

To be done.


So I traveled back

Back to this year

Good old twenty-twelve


He found me there.


I said

‘Time to put this all on the shelf’”



Cannot be meddled with


Cannot be changed

All that matters

Is tomorrow

And the passing of the days


Let’s start all over

No Time Machine

And go it

While we’re young

Take my hand

Call me a friend


This song

Is done


Now the ground is white

Go it while you’re young

Take the girls tonight

And sing this sleighing song

Just get a bobtailed nag

Two forty for his speed

Then hitch him to an open sleigh and ‘crack!’

You’ll take the lead…..

The End

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