Suicide 2


 You took the easy way out!

But you never once thought about what you were leaving behind!

No body loves you...but me

No body listens...but me

And I'm not taking the blame

But i just can't seem to refuse the sorrow

You've become the worest thing about the rain

It keeps me caged in my head

I keep wondering why?

The answer is too simple

Makes me wonder when I became worthless to you

Why else would you leave me alone to face the world?

I was never the strong one...

But never weak enough to end my life

I don't care what you would of wanted

To live or to wallow

You didn't care about what I wanted

Even when all I ever wanted was you

Every scar , every fault of yours

I needed you

Even when you were on your knees

Now all I'll ever know is gray skies

Always threatened by the rain

The End

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