Broken dreams...



Right now you are burning rubber to get to my door

But I’ll never be home

I’m too far for your to arms reach

And you don’t have gas money

You know your mom won’t lend it to you

And neither will any of your friends

They call you Loans for a reason and it’s not because you give them


Loans, there’s nothing you could say

Nothing you could ever promise

I won’t ever let you back in

You’ll just have to stand on my deck

And bang the door until your skin breaks

Or your voice cracks

You are to headstrong

And I am too easy going

I let you string me along

But I can’t do that anymore


Loans, what would you say to me?

I know all your lines

And this time no matter what I won’t listen

Not after you stole from us

You just didn’t take my money

You took my security

And you just don’t see that you just can’t return it or repay it

I had plans for us

You were suppose to be the beast I tamed

but you took my dreams and shattered them

Now you are nothing


Nothing to me

The End

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