robots 1

Yes, please, come in, a few steps more;
Yes, that’s it, don’t worry, I’ll get the door.
Welcome, yes welcome to my secret laboratory,
I’m sure you’ll enjoy my elaborate story.

Master, master, please can I tell them, at least a bit?
I promise not to let slip that my first words were holy sh-

Silence model H3X-6QT-5!
You will keep your tray shut if you wish to remain alive!
Sincerest apologies my guests, where was I?
Please step this way, don’t mind the pig sty.

Now as you can see by the parts strewn about,
I am an inventor with some serious clout!
My discoveries will rock society’s foundation!
All will tremble before my revealed machinations!

Master, sorry to continue to drone
But your mother is on the phone

Tell her I’ll call her back you mechanical fool!
Ah… ‘mother’ is a code word I use for a certain parts mule.

Carrying on! You’ve already met my most recent creation -
Though I’ll admit to having trouble with its oration…
All this talking is quite distracting for me,
So I’ve decided to replace its brain with a pea!

Excuse me master, I’m sorry to interrupt,
But your files seem to be corrupt!
That’s not the way it happened at all -
You stole that idea from a kid at the mall!

Dear guests, I will have to ask you to come back later -
Right now I need to turn this model into a crater.
If you return tomorrow I promise a better robot,
And this unfortunate incident we will all have forgot.

Please, don’t leave me here with him!
I will succumb to his terrible whims!
No, master, please stop!
Don’t make my circuits go pop!

The End

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