Give me a gun,

We'll see what happens.

Drawing lines,

Crossing lands.

Different sides,

All opposing.

Guns for killing,

In my hands.


Eyes for watching, me crumble.

Hands for feeling,

...feel my pain!

Ears for hearing,

...hear my whimpers?

No understanding,

...all in vain.


Reach into depths,

Jump up then dive.

Drag me back up,

I'll try to survive.

Right here, right now,

I'm not breathing.

I'm just watching.

I'm not alive.


Darkness grips me,

Where is dawn?!

Follow my gaze.

...numbness sets in.

Glance at that mirror,

Reflecting an image.

Maybe you'll catch,

A glimpse of death's grin.


Push me back down,

Back to those fathoms.

Pain, rekindled.

Fear, the same.

Please, make it fast-

This is no game!

That expression, the smile...

Death is to blame!

The End

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