If there is a word easy to write this is It.

Known from the mind of an possessive person (not me,seriously-but my best friend girlfriend, is the one i am using for inspiration).


Lets see the clothes that cover your body.

The food that satiates your hunger.

The friends that see you more than me.

Everything that captivates your attention that is not me.

The book you are reading right now.

The air that goes in your lungs.

The bedsheets that cover you in the silence of the night.

Every woman you have met before me.

The sun that caress your face, i want to be the beams...

The time you spend with your family...

The laughter you share with Carla, you seem not to want to talk to me.

The times you rather go out with your friends and not me.

I envy everything anything, i wish i could have you with me at all times.


In all truth she spends most off her time either ringing him or texting him when they are not together, that almost destroyed the relanshionship once , envy is all about greed about self reasurance i don`t feel envy because in my life appart from the love of the One i am in love with i pretty much have all that i need, so a word of advice . Be careful of what you ask for you may just get it....

And in most cases (if not all ),it is never worth it.

The End

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