(Any theme 1)

Listen up y’all

This one goes out
With not a whisper but a shout,
To the Protagonizers that join but never post,
That come and go just like a ghost…

Joined August 21st, last active August 22nd
Man, somebody please tell me what happened!
Did you get locked up for sins that needed forgiving?
I hope with my heart of hearts that you’re still amongst the living…

And I mean that, I do
I mean that, it’s true

Cuz I care too much about these people that go,
That I’ve never met and now I’ll never know;
Wondering what’s the deal is driving me crazy,
Won’t you tell me your reasons Daisy?
M.L.Ocean I bet you coulda amazed us all,
If you just woulda had the balls…

Sorry, I don’t mean to diss
Sorry, I just can’t stand this!

You sign up and leave without a single comment,
You’re cold and lifeless like this city’s cement;
No, that’s a disservice to the sidewalk:
If you listen real hard you can hear it talk;
It's got stories to tell, I bet you do too.
So come on, tell me, what’s stopping you?

Nothing, nothing is stopping you
Nothing, nothing can stop you

Did you sign up all excited to share your work,
Reached for your keyboard then stopped with a jerk,
Afraid of what people would say about ya masterpiece -
It’ll never improve if you only show it to ya niece.
And rest assured we’re all here to get better,
No one here is the king or queen of letters…

Yeah, they’ll all tell you the same
Yeah, we ain’t ready for fame

Do you worry that you’re not the next Shakespeare?
Man, have you seen half the s**t I’ve posted here?
Let go of your fear and insecurity,
Just click Publish and let your soul be free…

Come on, come join with me
Come on, set your words free

The End

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