Sexual Frustration 2


"Thus what i eat  rise you up?"

"Baby you only have to ask. You know how much i enjoy going down on you."

 Laughter and sex , what a powerful combination.

Just like you want, no wet dreams or mess in the bed just me and you, and hunger. Hunger for more , for you.

Don`t think i tease without soothing, let my lips satiate the ache.

"Come for me..."

Let me be all. And look what i brougth in this play, cream, a banana ,dough i think we will leave the banana out and go another type of fruit.

Do i tease so?

No baby i just like us like this so horny, way too much...

You look at me and grab the can, the lid cames off.

"I have pick you so well," as i fall on the bed and bring you in with me, my last tought is" what is next on the menu ?"


The End

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