Self Destruction 1

I woke up in a sand box and wanted to stay there all day

Please won't you please take your tiny shovel and bury me alive

When it's high it's so high

and when it's low... well you know...

The X has left and taken everything

I get up

Not because of the dirty looks

There's no food here

Except mud pies

Walking just walking

Hoping to walk right off the edge

The X has left and taken everything

All my joy wasted away

And this is what's left

Fall half on the couch

Half on the floor

stare past the ceiling

heaven's up there somewhere

but it isn't in artifical joy

but were all a little fake

and were all liars

except when were not

When were the choosen few...

Those who are happy just to be

Why can't that be me?

The End

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