In respect for those who may sensative to the words about to be put to print be aware,there are meant for the ones willing to allow serious play in your sexual life. Mine is here describe, enjoy. I have...


So it begins.

Today i received  a packet at home. The doorbell rang once, and there it was a long box covered with a golden ribbon.

Intrigued and slightly amused, i signed for it.

As i close the door i remenber your words. " Do you want to play ?"

I walk into the bedroom, my hands tremble as i tear the paper out. Inside there is a black long dress, in silk. You send black stockings, a garter belt and matching underwear. I did not even questioned, i knew it had been you, the card was just to know where.

" For you, in black because your soul is dark. Come to me at 8.00, you know were."

My eyes are close i breath in shallow breaths , too aroused .My fingers crush the card it drops to the floor as i open them up and see the time. Four more our of sheer torture.

It is time to prepare myself.

There is a ritual every woman has when seduction is on her mind.

A bath, removing of body hair( sorry laddies),a manicure , a pedicure, doing your hair, and finaly make up.

I like to make myself up for you. I feel sensual, i enjoy the ligth that shines in you eyes when you have the first glimpse of me. It says," she did all that for me, she is mine."

I am ready, the keys are in my hand. I go.

The  perfect setting. Our private place, a hotel room, ours when we want it. Because seducing starts in the mind,and spicing your sexual life is just a need. 

I collect the key, the receptionist looks me up, i smile.

As the elevator doors close , i no longer care. I need you.

I stop at the door , the key forgotten, i know you are here behind that door. I wait.

The door is open wide, you let me in, no words are spoken, you prepared everything in the background you put buble on " Everything" , plays on. I don`t turn, i see in front of me. The bed.

I sense you make a move on me , i close my eyes. It begins...


The End

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