Sexually frustrated 1

This ones for you,
you know who you are,
you are the fuel of my desire,
And i'm running a fever.

*scratching sounds as the DJ earns his pay packet*

Porno's give me temporary relief,
But even then when i'm smacking the beef,
it's your face i see sliding up and down the shaft,
But to stop gherkin jerkin is too much of a graft.

When i see you eating your daily hot dog,
my eyes go all bloodshot; Wood? Babe, I got log,
the mayonnaise you slurp off of it is too much to take,
Are you aware what you're doing, for heaven's sake?!

Oh great, now a banana, are you taking the mick,
All these things you're eating, each looks like a....
Quick, must look away before you spray on the cream,
Then i wake up panting... Just a wet dream.

I put my hand below the sheets, expecting to feel a mess,
But you rise from below, licking your lips, saying "bless"
And then I wake up once more, full of confusion,
I need to cure this sexual frustration.

The End

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