Again please do not read this if you are not off an adventure nature, i can come across as a bit  crass, me i think i like my sexual live to be , well satisfactory..


We are out today.

You requested a diferent scenery so i said why not try the pictures.

You know how much i get turn on by the fact we can get be seen.

So we go..

The thraillers are on  and i barely can contain myself.

You have pick our seats well, not to forward or to back in .

I see you . I  smell you, only you.

I smile and wait.

The movie is on, and no one is paying attention.

A hand on my knees, it stars...

I close my eyes, you close in on me , i kiss you because i can.

 Because you are there,mine, i think. All of you mine.

As i am yours, and my kiss tells you that and more..

Bring it in, big boy . I can take it. I crave it.

You pinch my nipples, not hard enough to hurt. To arouse

 and i want your mouth there instead, i am pretty vocal, so i

demand, i beg. You stop, you tease. I crave you...

The hand on my knees slowly moves up. inch by inch on my skin

  my so sensative skin that feels so hot for more...

You put your hand just there . " Naugthy. So eager, so wet. Slow down, baby. We have all nigth." I hear your voice inside me.

I wish it was you. I crave you. The movie plays on...

The End

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