Here is the introduction to my set, if you are not wicked in the bedroom or out of it please fell free not to read it may hurt those of sensative fews.


A man a women,  me.

Your hands your body.  My desire never stops, my cravings run

 a bit wild today. I want you to spank me.

" yes !" I can hear you almost cry out loud but my eyes are

otherwise ocupied. They roam. I fell you up, i a can`t help it.

Today i want everything, anything, now.

I want you inside so deep, i can`t talk anymore just feel.

Your quick respond fires me up and in no time at all

i am on my all fours, a delight to be sampled.

 To be licked and trully gorged on...

I sigh as you enter me, i retain my breath i am selfish

 i want to here right here all the time. In me...

You are what i crave...

The End

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