Winter 2

Ladies and gentlemen, at three days posted with no response it looks like -

*Boom* *clap* *Boom* *Boom* *clap*

Kevichella will be declared...

*Boom* *clap* *Boom* *Boom* *clap*

Oh ladies and gentlemen, I spoke too soon! Returning to the stage, for his second appearance in Poetry Battlez... please welcome...


Sup Kevy Kevy...

Sup Kevy Kevy...

I'm sorry that you're feeling discontent
But I ain't here to help with ya rent
I'm here to represent
What winter has always meant

Winter ain't about being cold
It's about having someone to hold
Body heat is worth more than gold
When Jack Frost's plans unfold

December is about Silent Nights
A fat man taking flight
Romance by candle lights
Finding the present that's just right

January is a brand New Year
A chance to overcome fear
To look again at how things appear
And maybe a change in career

February is about your sweet Valentine
Your chance to shine
But if you treat yours like swine
I just might make her mine

I'm gonna put another log on the fire
Send those flames reaching higher
I know my rhymes you admire
And yeah, maybe you should retire

Nah, I'm just pushing ya buttons and twisting ya dials
You know I really dig ya style
So just remember that I'm wearing a great big smile
While on ya poem I'm spittin' bile

So go ahead, keep looking... up
Spilling tears in ya... cup
Like some love sick... pup
And I'll show your lady... wassup


The End

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