Rage 1

Car Crash Memory



Go ahead place the blame on my shoulders

Though I was just a child

I guess it’s easier than shooting yourself in the head

Easier than looking in a mirror

and I do hope you loath yourself

To the point of emptiness

It’s the only way you could understand

What it is like to be stolen

Used up

Praying to god to be thrown away


I have such a burning rage inside of me

Demanding to be released

And I have words for you

My life has been nothing but a car crash memory

And I just keep hearing metal crashing

Screeching brakes

And the smell of gasoline burning

I stumble out of the inferno

But it never stops

I run

I’m running but no ones coming after me

It’s inside of me isn’t it?

I am broken I am ruined I am the wreck


How about I unzip these sweet lips of mine

Confess my supposed dirty deeds

You don’t say shut up but you shut me up all the same

‘You don’t want to see me in trouble’

Oh but I do

You guilt me shame me

And when there’s nothing left

Buy my silence with such false affection


And all I ever wanted was love that came without a set of strings.

I need a new mantra

Cut these strings

Let go


If only it was as easy as speaking…

I’m so angry

And it’s got nowhere to go

Left to eat me whole

I want you to know I’m so angry

The End

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