Love 2



Love is in you



I looked in the mirror

A stranger looked back at me

There’s a light in her eyes where there was no light

Only ice and snow

I asked her who stole the ice from her eyes?

She said your name


Love was only a word to me

And no one could ever define it for me

I couldn’t see it, I couldn’t touch it

It must be myth

But you found meaning beyond the invisible

Made it more than a dream

Or a thirsty illusion

It’s clear to me now

Love is you

And you are just you

Just a man


You’ve put a crown upon my head

I don’t know how to act

I’ve only worn a dunce cap

It’s the only hat I've felt comfortable in

If I’m Queen, will you serve my heart’s desire?


And you are the angel

The one who gave me flight

The one who said he’d kiss my pain away and did

If your wings should ever fall…

Let them fall

It’s not a fantasy I love

The End

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