Love 1


Yeah. Turn the beat up DJ.

Yeah, I like that, I like that.

Yo, yo…

As you can see from the title up above

This is gonna be a piece on love

But this ain’t about the misery or the loss

This is a celebration of the joy it can cause

So zip your lips, open ya ears

And don’t let my words spill ya beers

I’ve been all over this world, from New Zealand to Rome

But the best place on Earth is in my home

Cause I got a woman, not a girl, you hear?

Her every breath sends me to a new atmosphere

I don’t need a girl from my dreams or letters

Cause my reality is just so much better


When it’s time to see her I don’t dilly or dally

Cause I love every inch of her peaks and her valleys

All she has to do is smile at me

And my solid wall of worries decays to debris

In her arms I know the true meaning of peace

As our hearts beat as one everything else seems to cease

Yo I ain’t done yet, sit down and wait ya turn

Pay attention, a few things ya might learn

I'm gonna make you feel my words and moans

Like you feel this bass in ya bones

Hey baby girl, in the front row

You’re all dressed up, like you’re ready to go

You’re eyeing me up like you want a love like… mine

But I’m sorry sweetheart you just ain’t that… fine

Ooooooh, that’s right… I said it

And you know what? I don’t… regret it

Cause you may be pretty fly

But I’m a one woman kinda guy

Alright, alright, I stepped to the stage

And put my words down on this page

My turn is over, I’m done, I’m through

So is it her turn, or him, or you?

I had the guts to go first

So come on, grab a pen, gimme your worst

The End

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