Ezzie- The Unending Clock Still Ticks

Tick, Tock

So continues the clock.

I've continued living

Though I wish not.


Why is it that you were taking away

So easily,

While I sit

And listen to the clock tick.


My heart continues,

Beat, beat, beat.

Like an unending clock

Tick, tick, tock.


Why do I have to

Sit, sit, sit.

And wait so long

for my clock to stop

tock, tock, tock?


I bet you are the same dear,

Only vice versa.

You dream of the time

Your clock will start back up.


You wish for it to tick

You pray for it to tock,

But the wishing,

and the praying,

never does heal your broken clock.


My clock feels just as broken,

But for some reason it won't stop.

Though cogs are missing,

The essence of you.


I hate my




The End

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